Past Events!

#11: Speed Dating at OpenSF

This was part of the OpenSF conference in 2012. The size of the thing was kind of rediculous, but totally worth it. For details on OpenSF see
  • Date: 6-09-2012
  • Size: 306 People

#10: Date and Dance Night at the Blue Macaw

We had dating followed by dancing. Matches were entered while people hung out and had a good time. It was a good, smoothly operating evening.

  • Date: 3-10-2012
  • Size: 137 People

#9: Queer Poly Speed Dating at the LGBT Center, SF

To celebrate (and test) our new gender and sex matching system, we hosted a queer-only event. The diversity of registrations was amazing, and the connections fabulous.

  • Date: 12-1-2011
  • Size: 71 People

#8: "Revive the Love" at the Revival Bar and Kitchen, Berkeley

This was a fancier dress event with much better food. A very nice evening. And, finally, decent sound quality due to the softer restaurant decor. But, more expensive.

  • Date: 7-20-2011
  • Size: 139 People

#7: Night at the Uptown, The Uptown, Oakland, Ca

We took over a large, multi-room nightclub in Oakland. Sex in the bathroom, dates galore.

  • Date: 2-13-2011
  • Size: 178 People

#6: Blue Macaw in San Francisco, Ca

An experiment as our first 21+ event and a new location in the Mission district.

  • Date: 5-24-10
  • Size: 156 People

#5: Women's Building in San Francisco, Ca

Other than the horrible lighting of a conference hall venue, we had an excellent night of dating. We still have not solved the noise problem.

  • Date: 9-13-09
  • Size: 123 People

#4: LGBT Center in San Francisco, Ca

The LGBT center in the mission was our first #event in San Francisco. While their biggest room was large enough to hold such a crazy crowd we discovered another minor problem: 147 chattering daters in a single large room makes for a cacophony.

#3: 33 Revolutions Café in El Cerrito, Ca

Outgrowing Spuds and wanting to host the event in different locations we next moved to a Cafe and music store.

  • Date: 12-07-08
  • Size: 106 People

#2: Spuds Pizza in Berkley, Ca

Learning from the previous experiment we decided to rent out the whole place. We also doubled the number of people, making the larger area still feel small. But the vibe was a happy one, with people talking away.

#1: Spuds Pizza in Berkley, Ca

Our Very first Poly Speed Dating. Thank you for those adventurous daters who got packed into a tiny room.

  • Date: 7-14-08
  • Size: 50 People