Notes on Who Came and What They Wanted

The fourth event had 147 people, 28 of which were dating as groups. There were 70 women and trans women, 72 men and trans men, and 5 who identified as having either both or neither gender, or being purely genderqueer.

The overall situation is that most people had a pool of potential matches.

Number of Dates

There were 10 dating rounds at the event. Most people had a good number of dates (not including friend dates). Only 8 of the 133 dating "entities" (i.e., individuals or groups dating together) had fewer than 5 dates. The following table shows the number of dating entities that had a particular number of dates. For example, 56 entities had from 5 to 7 dates that evening.
     #dates  #entities with that many dates
     2-4      8
     5-7      56
     8-10     69
Note that we try to warn people if they are going to have fewer than 3 dates before they show, but due to last-minute cancellations and changes, sometimes the unavoidable happens. Generally speaking these people do seem to have a good time regardless. We know of more than one instance where the single date of the evening was definitely worthwhile for all parties concerned.

Gender and Gender Preference

The following shows who was looking for which genders. For example, 37 women and trans women were looking for either men or women for their dates.
                    Looking for...
            Both        Same       Opposite
Gender     Genders   Gender Only  Gender Only
  F          37           17           14
  M          18           4            50

Note that the above could be read as "functionally Bi," "functionally gay," and "functionally Straight." Note that the apparent sexual preferences people state in their forms may not be their actual full preference--bi folks, for example, are allowed to look for just one gender at a PSD event if they so choose.

There were 4 trans women, with 37 people open to dating trans women. There were 5 trans men, and 40 people open to dating trans men. There were 13 genderqueer people, and 54 people open to dating genderqueer people.


The following table shows how many people were in the given age ranges.
gender 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-up
  F       19    26    14     5     1
  GQ       .     3     1     .     .
  M       10    29    16    10     4
  none     1     .     .     .     .
  TM       1     2     .     .     .
  TW       1     .     2     2     .
Most people are in the 25-35 range, but there are significant numbers of folks at other ages as well.