PSD Team

We are a group of poly programers, organizers, statistics nerds, and helper monkeys living in the San Francisco Bay Area. While many of use are poly and life saturated we had to try such a crazy idea.


The idea just came to him in a dream. When he told folks, they got excited. How could he not move forward? Luke, an ex-high-school teacher, is now a grad student at UC Berkeley. At various points in his life, he has gotten involved in various social networking experiments 'cause he finds them fun and cool. He has a wife, a lover, and two kids. Long walks on the beach kind of wear him out. He likes lying in the sand instead.








Pepper MintPepper is a local activist in the bi, poly, gender, and you-name-it scenes. He has been so for years. He has been suckered into helping with this as well. While he claims to be polysaturated, he has poor impulse control. So don't give up hope just yet.











Jen teaches workshops on nonmonogamy skills and talks about polyamory with sexuality classes at SF and Sonoma State. She is also a minion extraordinaire who has been crucial to the success of OpenSF 2012 and Poly Asylum among other things. Perhaps sharing a latent gene with hummingbirds, she is often attracted to men with brightly colored hair






Debby is very excited about the entire poly speed dating concept, but not so good at speed dating herself, despite being bi and kinky. To compensate, she is helping with the event with the secret agenda of meeting people while not on dates with them. When not being naughty, she can often be found climbing up rock faces or seeking out unusual food items.



A big thanks to our many helper monkeys who have assisted the event. We promise the wing requisition form has been submitted to W.W. West and we will let you know as soon as we hear anything.