Month: March 2023

PSD and COVID: What do you want to see happen?

It has been a long time! We are in the process of planning another speed dating event, and the first step is ascertaining what kind of event, if any, people would want to attend. If you are interested in attending a Polyam Speed Dating event, please read this message and then fill out a short survey so we know what you would like to see happen!

In particular, we are trying to weigh the following different trade-offs that we have identified:

First, there is mask wearing. On the one hand, hearing your speed date talk can already be difficult at PSD events, and masks make that harder. Masks also diminish the non-verbal communication that many people do with their faces. On the other hand, masks can reduce the risk of COVID transmission.

Another factor is vaccination. Some events these days expect or verify that all participants are vaccinated against COVID, but such verification can slow down an event’s registration process or increase the logistical burden of running an event. It may also be exclusionary against some people.

Finally, rapid tests for COVID are widely used to decrease the chance of someone who is contagious being present at an event, but rapid tests would be an added cost for participants, and verification of such tests would likely slow down registration.

The final factor is having the event outside vs. inside. While outside would be better for COVID mitigation, doing so could pose some logistical challenges, such as technology, bathroom access, vulnerability to the weather, and potentially even finding a venue.

So, if you have gotten this far, please click on the following link and give us your thoughts: