Greeter Information

For our events we typically recruit a special kind of volunteer called a “greeter.” Greeters greet and orient people as they arrive at our event. The goals is to have a variety of greeters welcome daters as they arrive in order to help reduce the feeling of overwhelm that can occur for new daters, and to make a more fully inclusive and welcoming space for all.

We especially try and have greeters from those who, on their first time coming to one of our events, noticed that they were somehow underrepresented, and who want to help others feel welcome when they might not otherwise.

Greeters need to arrive 1/2 hour before the event (at 4:30 PM) for a brief training and mutual introduction. Greeters are then officially on duty until the instructions start. We provide greeters with free drinks, good karma, and general appreciation.


How to be a greeter

When we put out a call for greeters, email us with a bit of info as to why you would be a good greeter if you are interested.

A tiny FAQ on being a greeter:

Q: Do I have to already know everyone?

A: No! This is about having people from more poly communities than just the few of us running the event. If you have only been once before we would extra love having you doing this.


Q: Is this a way to get even more dates?

A: No! This is about supporting others and helping them get oriented.


Q: Can I still date?

A: Yes! You are welcome to date and participate fully in the event.


Q: Does this get me off the hook for paying?

A: No! But remember if you cannot cover the full cost of a ticket, we will always adjust so you can still participate.