Index of Past Events

Speed Dating at the Armory (in Somerville)

Looking for a larger venue, we tried the Armory.  We filled it with our largest event in the Boston area to date.

  • Date: June, 2018
  • Size: 223 people

Speed Dating at Spontaneous Celebrations (in JP)

We tried to cross the river into JP to increase the reach of PSD to more people.

  • Date: June, 2017
  • Size: 134 people

Speed Dating at Once Series

We had a series of events in Somerville over a couple of years

  • Dates: 12-9-2014, 5-29-2015, 2-27-2016, all at Once Lounge in Somerville
  • Sizes: 99, 118, 180 people

Universal(ish) Speed Dating 1

We attempted to expand to monogamous people, and semi-succeeded.

  • Date: 5-27-2014 at Anthony’s Function Hall in Somerville
  • Size: 139 people

Boston Poly Speed Dating 3, at Moksa in Cambridge, MA

Lots of people and good food and drink.

  • Date: 6-12-2013
  • Size: 101 people

Boston Poly Speed Dating 2, at OBERON in Cambridge, MA

Mood lighting, cabaret tables, and a working microphone. It was great.

  • Date: 12-13-11
  • Size: 76 people

Boston Poly Speed Dating 1, at The Friendly Toast in Cambridge, MA

An experiment to see if Poly Speed Dating would work in Boston. Answer: yes!

  • Date: 4-26-11
  • Size: 63 people

There have also been a bunch of Bay Area events, ranging from 50 to more than 200 people, and events in other cities such as Portland, Oregon and Syndney Australia