So you want to run your own PSD?

Generally, the way PSD gets started in a new area is someone decides to run it. We original designers of the system are happy to offer support, be we cannot do the ground work of finding a venue, talking to the daters, and so forth. Several different sorts of folks have run their own events, and it is totally doable and often even fun!

How it works is we host the registration site and you run your event by using our tools, which we call DateWrangler(tm), over the internet. The only thing you need on your end is a browser and some hardware including a printer. We do charge $50 for an initial set up and your first event and $30 to pay for 6 months of cloud servers that we pass on to folks who host the application. This is all due before we set up your registration site. Subsequent events are $30 each, plus $5/month to maintain your server. In most circumstances, the door fees you charge could cover this and all the other fees you may incur. We typically do a bit better than breaking even with the events we run, but we try to keep our ticket prices rock bottom.

We ask folks agree to a service contract that basically focuses on equity.  A (probably out of date, but you get the gist) version of such an agreement is this sample DateWrangler Use Agreement.  Also, here is a system manual.  This document talks about what an event involves, and gives some details on the system.  (It is also out of date.)

If interested, contact us after you have read the above agreement.  Put something clever in your email proving you have read this agreement.


  1. We running a Speed Dating Event in Austin, TX, and want to use your software, but we can’t find your email address anywhere on this site. How do we contact you so we can discuss it? Thanks


      1. Thank you! Just wrote to you there a few hours ago. We only have a week till the event, so I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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