Registration going strong, but some space left

In a week we have reached 144 people registered, and registrations are still coming in. Apparently there was some pent up demand. But our space is large, and we would love to have even more people.  More people = better matches for all.

So please spread the word, especially to corners of the non-monogamous world that our missives may not have reached.

We have also, to make sure the event serves everyone as well as possible, had to start restricting registration for those who are only looking for women who are open to men (broadly defined). This is to ensure that, in particular, pansexual and bisexual daters get a good mix of genders in their dating pool. If you are such a person, you can still come!  You just need a gender-balance companion to also register.  Further details about all of this on this page.

And if you haven’t registered, please register now!


See details of event on this post.

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